Sunday, July 26, 2009


I hope this doesn't mean I am a Marvel person cuz it came out like this lol. This was suppose to be for Doodles and stuff, however, I miss read the  directions for the challenge. I thought it was super-heroes..haha but whatever here is my hour and 2 minutes of work of hulk. I'm probably going to actually do the colors in traditional media later for the actual Hulk challenge, when ever it comes around. Again thanks for stoppin by. 

-Lamar .J.M.  


  1. Aw! He did come out nice.

    That sucks about misreading, hahaha. But yeah, save it!

  2. Dude---your banner image is seriously incredible. Your work is fantastic!!

  3. Jordie- yeah I gotz to pay attention haha.

    Aaron- Thanx alot. yeah, my banner was ashley wood inspired haha!