Monday, March 15, 2010


I saw the light and I saw the truth of the Pope; Paul Pope that is! man I just finished my first Megacon and I was proud to represent the ringling crew. However, I am deeply drain, and thinking of not committing to any classes tomorrow, yo. we will see =). There were mad artist at the con; kings of the comic world. I was blown! haha away! can't wait to go to another one. I always admired Paul Pope's work through the internet, but those days are over. I lucked out at this con and scored 4 volumes of BATMAN YEAR 100 thanks to my hommie Eli. The work is sick, the story is sick! Great artist at the megacon I attended, and I was accompanied by some great illustrators such as: Vanesa Del Rey, Tyler Schatz, Eli Minaya, Alex Berki, Sam Egenes, Matt Buck, and Keyla Valerio


  1. dude love the guy with the guitar, the colors really add to it, had to comment lol!

  2. hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttt