Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I have to say that I LOVE SAMURAI MOVIES! no. Samurai EVERYTHING! just got done watching Samurai Rebellion! straight sickness! plus I have a thing for black and white movie flicks. busted out some samurai sketches afterwards. I'm trying to add more narrative and conceptual stuff to my deck, so you might be seeing more of it! I was told I need to push it more so I am?

P.S. - below are a few of my favorite inkers in the biz!

Toby Cypress
Jason shawn Alexander


  1. thats looking pretty fresh man. keep it up

  2. these are sick Lamar!

  3. Your shit is awesome man! Kinda a cross between Paul Pope and Ashley Wood love it. Samurai Rebellion is an amazing film Mifune is my favorite actor. funnest part of the movie is his shaved head