Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Gamblers

Here it to black and white. My weakness is color so I am going to wok on the colored version. be easy


  1. I dig it, man! My only suggestion would be to experiment with ways to show smoke in future pieces; maybe drybrush some white ink or something like that? But this looks good, man. I like the mood, and I'm sure your colors will match it nicely.

  2. I thought it looked pretty awesome with the colour

  3. thanks al ot hommies.
    -Chris, I will take it into consideration
    - james yeah I am trying to find a more personal flow for my style of inking. just not satisfied I guess.
    jOSH- you that guy with the blues work man! it's killer
    Arron- thx man!

  4. I just noticed the boobs on the Queens, haha