Monday, August 22, 2011

Trying Different Things.

In all my four years of art training you would think I would understand the value of a dollar. That is beside the point of the today's sharing. Like I have said before, to those who follow my blog, I am just beginning to understand color, color combinations, and most importantly photoshop. I started a piece a week or so ago and saw that I didn't finish it(not new for me). However, I finally was able to use a scanner which surprising inspired me to finish the project. I wanted to make something "fun" and "clean". I stress clean and fun because these are things I am not known for. I tend to get ink all over my finger tips and some how manage to avoid hospital visits from the ink fights I get myself into, which leads to dark and sometimes uncanny images. Along side this personal project of mine I have noticed that the work that I get now is more demanding of fluidity, but not the usual crash, boom, tada, that I usually perform which is mainly self-propelled by instinctual mark making (which is a elaborate way of saying I don't know what I am doing most of the time). At first I was put off by the idea that I am changing it up so early out of college, but then I realized that I could use some verity, and this is the hard part to me about freelance thus far: Trying to find the motivational part of a project that might not seem so enthusiastic. Do I have the answer? heck no! haha! But while I try to figure it out a sugar free answer I hope you enjoy my update.

This image is in progress (Hint: The one I didn't finish). These are just a couple of close ups. Thanks for stoppin' by and reading my ramble! be easy amigos!


  1. hahaha

    looks good so far!

    I think everyone works in a 'crash, boom, tada!' way. some of us are just better than others at bullshitting people into thinking we're not!

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