Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hello peoples!! I am here I promise. Still adjusting to what is called the 'real world', and in the new world I am not sure if I am stronger, faster, or better, but I will continue to make the effort. You never know where you are really going to end up in this world. I have come to find out that the hard way I suppose. My goal is to stay positive while I can still create the notion.

Still Sketching when I find time! I find it more therapeutic now a days. I felt so afraid of drawing in a sketchbook after school, unfortunately, I felt as though I had something to prove with each page. The idea alone kept me stagnate. From now on with each 'personal' drawing I do I will have to find a away to break the habits in my thinking. Over all I will have to find away to have fun again.
This was a promo piece That just didn't make the cut unfortunately. I would get into detail but I'm sure it will reach the surface sooner then later.

I never really touched on character design. Having fun with it now a days. Hopefully I will not be too lazy and up load more of it. =)

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  1. Nice dude. Your drawing is getting better and better. Keep working on those hands they're starting to look great. That Dr. Douglas on the left looks like Thiel! Great job, man.